ODAPT Soft Mist Adapter

An easy solution to give patients that require mask or tracheostomy application, peace of mind.

About ODAPT Soft Mist Adapter

ODAPT soft mist adapter for inhaled medication provides patients a solution that require a mask or tracheostomy delivery application.

Designed to work with RESPIMAT soft mist inhalers, ODAPT™ provides hospitals with a cost effective solution allowing them to use standard masks alongside our adapter.

Read the article titled Aerosol Deposition Measurements with ODAPT™ Mask Adapter from the Spring 2018 edition of Respiratory Therapy.

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ODAPT allows connection to face mask or
tracheostomy to gain full deposition benefits

ODAPT Available Now!

ODAPT for medication delivery from a Soft Mist Inhaler for patients that require mask or tracheostomy application.

ODAPT Soft Mist Adapter Products

For ease of use and convenience we also offer ODAPT prepackaged with a mask. ODAPT allows for direct connection to a tracheostomy.

Benefits of the ODAPT Facemask

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